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About US

Tianjin Oceanlink Translation Co., Ltdis a professional translation service supplier referring to many fields, and itis also a well-known translation company of first carrying out foreign companylocalization and multi-language translation. It includes two branches, TianjinBranch and Binhai Branch. Our strong points are to provide professionaltranslation service in technology introduction, tender document, contract,standard, academic papers, patent and documents, etc, interpretation,simultaneous interpretation, localization of web, Chinese and foreign languagedubbing, foreign meeting service and leasing of simultaneous interpretationequipments for government, world top 500 enterprises and scientific researchinstitutions. During 12 years, we always take servicing for Tianjin andcommunicating with the world as our mission, work hard based on our resourcesand commit ourselves to make the world learn more about Tianjin, learn moreabout China and help Tianjin enterprises to develop prosperously and go towardthe world.

Special seal for Tianjin OceanlinkTranslation Co., Ltd is valid in many fields, including embassies in China,State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Bank of China, Migration Offices,Public Notary Office, Judicial Authority, Industry and Commerce Office,Municipal Commissions, etc.

Our translation services refer to a widerange of well-known companies. All our translators are experts and scholars infamous universities and colleges at home and abroad, overseas returnees,professional translators from Scientific Research Institutions and Colleges.They have Master Degree or above and have rich translation experiences in theirrespective language fields. All translators had passed our strict test and havegood language translation ability. Our translators are very familiar with thecultural background of translation project, idiomatic manner and technicalterms. We could provide high quality and high efficient translation andlocalization services for customers heartily. We had provided high standard translationservice for enterprises and public institutions, scientific researchinstitutions, publishing companies and other professional organizations andinstitutions from the world with our strict quality control system,standardized operation process and strict review standard. During qualitytracing, we are highly appraised by customers and recognized by customers. Whatwe achieved is treasured most by us. We will, as always, abide by our promiseand business concept and make our company to be at the top of the same industryand to be a reliable partner of customers.

Translation Procedures

Analysis of manuscript---evaluation andquotation---professional translation---proofreading of translation---polishingof articles---editing and composing---submit manuscript to customers—qualitytracing of manuscript---establish industry term-base ---filing

Translation Fields

Tender Document Translation

Operation Manual Translation

Construction Translation

Machinery Translation

Localization of Software

Translation of Standard

Quality Manual

Legal Translation

Financial Translation

Publishing of CD and DVD

Medical Translation

Stamping of Translation

Site Interpretation Translation

Meeting Interpretation

Press Conference Translation

Chemical Translation

Agricultural Translation

Automobile Translation

Clothing Translation

Economic Translation

Contract Translation

Biological Translation


Energy Translation

Electronics Translation

Aerospace Translation

Document Translation

Education Translation

Foods Translation

Logistics Translation

Military Translation

Aviation Translation

Tourism Translation

Iron & Steel Translation

News Translation

Paper Making Translation

Water Conservancy

Geological Translation

Insurance Translation

Securities Translation

Communication Translation

Business Affairs Translation

Foreign Trade


Real Estate

IT Translation

Risk Investment Translation

Physics Translation

Oil Translation

Printing Translation

Life Science Translation

Media & Publishing

Apparatus Translation

Equipments Translation

Industrial Automation

Agriculture Translation

Environment Protection Translation

Optics Translation

Instruction Manual Translation

Marine Operation Translation

Simultaneous Interpretation Translation

Hotel Translation

Resume Translation

Certificates Documents Translation

Certificates Translation

Web Translation

Drawings Translation

Design Translation

Consecutive Interpretation

Dubbing of TV Translation 

Translation Languages

English Translation

German Translation

Thai Translation

Indonesian Translation

Spanish Translation

Japanese Translation

French Translation

Swedish Translation

Dutch Translation

Arabic Translation

Korean Translation

Russian Translation

Polish Translation

Danish Translation

Italian Translation

Lao Translation

Malay Translation

Persian Translation

Mongolian Translation

Portuguese Translation

Finnish Translation

Burmese Translation

Vietnamese Translation

Czech Translation

Romanian Translation

Greek Translation

Hungarian Translation

Ukrainian Translation

Hindi Translation

Serbian Translation

Norwegian Translation

Urdu Translation

Latin Translation

Turkish Translation

Algerian Translation

Javanese Translation

Pilipino Translation

Hausa Translation

Hebrew Translation

Byelorussian Translation

Sanskrit Translation

Irish Translation

Maltese Translation

Flemish Translation

Armenian Translation

Latin Translation

Icelandic Translation

Pushtu Translation

Gypsy Translation

Estonian Translation

Hebrew Translation


Sinhala Translation

Cambodian Translation

Georgian Translation

Ukrainian Translation

Nepalese Translation

Lithuanian Translation

Welsh Translation

Slovak Translation

Slovenian Translation

Kirghiz Translation

Tamil Translation

Tajik Translation

Kashmiri Translation